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Reputation is a key mechanic of Windward.

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Liberating a town for another faction will happen for 1 of the towns per region. This lets you get reputation with that faction and take advantage of their price discounts for ships.

Summary[edit | edit source]

left=normal, right=Admiral
Admiral achivement

Your reputation determines which quests are available to you, as well as any rumors available at the town. Rumors can help point you in the right direction if you can't seem to find a match of supply and demand anywhere on the map. The rumors only look at the map the port is in, and seem to prioritize resources that directly affect that city (Resource A is in demand in Port B, and is supplied here).

Sinking enemy vessels, capturing towers, and securing maps can help improve your standing with your current faction.

Unlike real rumors, these ones are never wrong. That said, however, it's often wise to double-check them regardless; when a port's demand changes, the rumors may take some time to update properly.

Reputation proceeds along the following levels (all players start as Neutral; Disliked and Hated appear if you sink vessels belonging to that faction):

  • Hated
  • Disliked
  • Neutral (0 - 50)
  • Courier (50 -100)
  • Associate (100 - 250)
  • Lieutenant (250 - 1000)
  • Commander (1000 - 2500)
  • Captain (2500 - 10000)
  • Admiral

Reaching Admiral rank nets you the eponymous achievement in addition to a unique looking pennant replacement?