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There are seven main factions in Windward, each granting special modifications to play style and experience.

Factions[edit | edit source]

  • Pirate - Pirates (known by their black sails) can not fast travel on maps but they are free to attack all other factions at any time.
  • Valiant - The Valiant (known by their red sails) are the "combat" faction of Windward and have the highest defenses in game.
  • Consulate - The Maritime Consulate (known by their green sails) are the balanced "jack of all trades" faction, and excellent supporters.
  • Sojourn - The Sojourn (known by their blue sails) are an exploration-centric faction and have the fastest ships.
  • Exchange - The Exchange (known by their yellow sails) are the trade oriented faction.
  • Syndicate - The Syndicate (known by their purple sails) is a shadowy organization that you may encounter in your adventures. 50 talent points and 1000 reputation are required.
  • Aequitas - The Aequitas (known by their orange sails) have bonuses to their stats and are able to summon friendly ships of different strengths. 150 talent points are required.
  • Neutral - The white flag is not a real faction, but a neutral status for players who don't want to be disturbed in online play, as long as permanent war is not enabled.

Your faction may be changed by equipping the faction's flag in the pennant slot. Each faction also offers different ship benefits - see stats page.