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There are five different sections in the inventory screen.

Equipment[edit | edit source]


It is possible to upgrade equipment at a Level 10 (fully grown) town. The level of the equipment, however, must be lower than the level of the region you're upgrading. A fully grown town in a level 15 region can upgrade equipment that is level 15 and below to its level.

Your ship has ten pieces of equipment that can be used to alter these stats. The exact effects are stated on the item itself, and can affect multiple stats (there is usually a lot of overlap).

  • Hull - Mostly affects the toughness of your ship, but can also affect how fancy your ship looks (read: Diplomacy).
  • Sails - Generally Speed, Mobility, Diplomacy.
  • Cannon - Most commonly grants Damage, Accuracy, Range, and Armor Piercing.
  • Ammunition - Very similar to Cannons in terms of stats, generally focusing on offense.
  • Specialized - The items that go into this slot generally don't offer stats, but tend to add new skills and/or abilities, such as the ability to deal 30% more damage to coastal defenses or debuff enemies' armor on hit.
  • Captain - Can affect any stat and even reduce cooldowns of skills.
  • Specialist - Wide variety of stats, can be both highly specialized and generic. Specialists also generally grant one or more effects, such as a passive repair ability, or in-combat buffs.
  • Crew - Much like the Captain, a good Crew can offer a wide variety of stats.
  • Captain's Tools - Various tool items such as grappling hooks that can gather items from further away or spyglasses that can identify loot from further out. Uniquely, these items can mostly be combined together in a single item called "Captain's Tools" that will retain all of the benefits of the items within.
  • Pennant - Wide variety of effects; the White flag allows players to opt out of PvP combat, while the Pirate flag has the player become a pirate themselves! See also Factions.

Captain, Crew and Specialists all gain experience on their own as you hunt in regions higher than the level of the item in question. So your Legendary level 8 item will automatically become a level 9 item after hunting and gaining talent points in a Challenge Level 9 or higher region.

Customization[edit | edit source]


The customization section allows you to define the appearance of your ship as well as a emblem/logo on your sails. Its divided into five sections:

  • Hull color bottom
  • Hull color deck
  • Sail color
  • Emblem color
  • Emblem type

There are two different types of colors - hull and cloth colors as well as emblem types:
hull colorscloth colorsemblem type

See: Custom Sail Symbols for a list of default embroideries and how to upload your own custom image

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Equipment bundle.jpg

Every piece of loot you find on your journey will go here. There is a nice feature which allows to quick swap full equipment sets whilst anchored in a harbour. Right click on ANY equipped item and select "create equipment bundle" from the menu. Then a new box will appear in your inventory - which can also be equipped via right click again. This saves inventory slots. Special equipment, tools and flag are NOT contained in this box and must be changed manually.

Whilst visiting a harbour, you can also see gold selling prices on your inventory items. The price is determined by your diplomacy skill, town level and other bonus factors. In general, a right click offers a variety of options on any item in your inventory - depending on the type of item.

Upgrade item.jpg

In any Level 10 town, you can also upgrade existing/equipped items to your current level (see also player level).

Cargo[edit | edit source]

Cargo slots are very important - especially in early game when they are limited to 2 or 3. Every quest, or trading good fills up one slot. That means you can only have two quests active at a time or carrying two trading goods. The Galleon offers 5 cargo slots later on...

Building cargo.jpg
Settler cargo.jpg

Sometimes there is "special" cargo which provides additional skills! The "building material" and "advanced building material" offer you permanent skills (in one cargo package - they are also available separately) to your skill bar, which you can use to build a lighthouse and/or a watchtower/siegetower. The "Settler" cargo pack even offers the ability to create new towns in remote locations!

Resources[edit | edit source]

The bottom bar shows your current gold and available resources. These are required for skills and quests. Ressources.jpg

For more information see also items & quality level !