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Windward features the ability to create your own Custom Sail Symbols to be used in Single-Player or Multi-player.

Creation and Implementation[edit | edit source]

All Symbol textures need to be in PNG format, stored in the Symbols sub-folder and the max size should be 128x128 pixels, any greater is a waste of resources.

Creating a PNG Image File[edit | edit source]

Most image editing software should allow you to create a PNG file. The Symbol texture itself really only contains two elements, the texture itself (color is irrelevant) and the Alpha or Transparent channel.

Symbol Behavior In-game[edit | edit source]

When creating Custom Sails, you need to be aware of how the symbol will behave in-game. If the symbol goes right to the edge of your image file, when placed on a sail in-game it will continue outwards over the whole sail. Unless this is the look you are going for, you will need to add a transparency gap around the border of your PNG image. A good rule is to create your symbol, set it's dimensions to be 124x124 and then add a two pixel border of transparency around it so it is 128x128.

Filling sections of the sail with Solid Color[edit | edit source]

If you intend for the symbol in the image to continue past the border of the image, just be sure to not leave a transparency gap in your PNG. It will continue along until the end of the sail itself.

Filling Other sails with Solid Color[edit | edit source]

If the very bottom left pixel in your image is not transparent, the symbol wont just continue to the edge of the main sail, but it will fill the other sails with solid color as well.

Repeating Patterns[edit | edit source]

It is possible to create repeating patterns for sails as well. When you are naming the file, simply add a space and the word "Repeat" at the end of the file name (eg. "Pattern1 Repeat.png"). When viewed in game, the pattern will repeat taking up the entire sail. Instead bottom left corner, repeating pattern uses 7th pixel from top right corner going diagonally for sail color.

Making It Available In-Game[edit | edit source]

Place your brand new Custom Symbol in your Documents\Windward\Symbols\ folder. Once you have copied your PNG file to the correct location, any newly created worlds will automatically have a reference to the custom symbol added into their World Config file. It will become available during the Custom Factions process of world creation, and available in-game as items to be purchased, picked up and traded.

See the Dedicated Server page if you wish to add Custom Sail Symbols to your Dedicated Server.

Video Guide[edit | edit source]

For a video from the developer on how to add Custom Symbols, see

Default Embroideries[edit | edit source]

The below images represent embroidery designs currently in game by default.

NOTE: This list is not complete and currently only shows a handful of embroideries available.